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In our latest video this month, we discuss everything Microsoft Inspire. New announcements, where do we go from here, and SPLA Man's take on the program's future. Please remember that this is an opinion; Microsoft has the final say.

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What was announced?

  • New program updates for Listed Provider
  • Additional product types for hosters (including Windows 2011 and Office)
  • Capacity based licensing
  • Pricing updates

Listed Provider

According to Microsoft, "SA for licenses to non-listed provider hosted multi-tenant infrastructure." This change could mean license mobility for Windows Server. If this happens, this will be big news for service providers and end users looking to leverage their existing Windows Server licenses purchased with Software Assurance.

Additional Product Offerings

Microsoft made an interesting statement in their Inspire presentation. To quote: "Easier to host Microsoft Products on hosted infrastructure? Perhaps Windows purchased through CSP can be hosted on a third-party data center? I believe this would be a great move. There's too much confusion around CSP and SPLA. What use rights should we follow as a service provider? To avoid confusion, Microsoft should make products accessible to third-party end users

Capacity Based Licensing

This would be a good move for workloads in SPLA. Many service providers have been asking for this to meet customer demands. More details to come, but keep in mind that when you sign an SPLA, the terms bind you within the SPUR at the time of signing. It will be interesting if this changes.

Pricing Updates

Microsoft mentioned "fixed pricing for longer terms." Remember extended term licensing for those who have been in SPLA for a while? A service provider can lock in pricing for an extended period (1-3 years) and receive a discount. Similar to an Enterprise Agreement, this would help solve the problem of regular price increases and unpredictable margins.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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